Tactical ACW Naval Wargame
MONITOR VS MERRIMACK II is a simulation game depicting the Battle of Hampton Roads, in March 1862.  It was the first naval battle between ironclads--the USS Monitor, vs the CSS Virginia (aka, Merrimack).

During play, you maneuver your ship (or ships) and try and damage the enemy by gunfire or by ramming.  Ships are rated in a variety of categories.  The actual encounter ended in a draw; could you find a way to sink the opponent?

Besides rules for the ironclads, rules are provided for the wooden ships that were present.  The game includes a 12-page illustrated rule booklet, a set of six large, color, thick card uncut counters, and a Reference Card.  You must supply a regular deck of playing cards (which drives play and resolves combat), and a standard chess board ( to maneuver the ships upon).  Advanced rules, and different scenarios are provided.  

Rules cover the standard (ironclad) game, movement, combat, ramming, shallow areas and running aground, critical hits, mechanical problems, sailing ship rules, ship data charts, four scenarios, historical commentary.

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Also available in pdf format